“We are a tight-knit creative commune, kind of like a family, but with cooler hair styles, who create quality designs and honest work. We don’t do bad design… so please don’t ask us to.”

What we do

Applications succeed or fail by their User Interfaces and User Experiences. Sadly, many great ideas have struggled to gain traction as their UI forgets about how their users interact with their design. We believe that people are drawn to applications that allow them to live and work smarter, make their life easier, or simply provide a visual delight that peaks their interest. When core functionality is married to intuitive UI, blending into the everyday flow of life, user will truly feel part of your idea, and that’s when the genius of ideas can grow.

Our aim at FULLYalive is to nurture and guide great ideas, making sense of the intangible mess of awesomeness that only you can understand so that you can share it with the world.

and of course, why we do it…

Well that is an easy one!

We love it.

User Interface design is just the icing on the cake, there are so many more ingredients that go into any application or website that are often overlooked. From the initial research, to the wireframing and final look and feel, we work closely with our clients to ensure that they are involved in the crafting of their ideas.

By specifying layout, navigation and operation principles, we ensure that no stone is left unturned, because after all it’s your idea that we are bringing to life.



Information Architecture (IA) is essential in ensuring you understand the end user. A good idea is only as good as its target market, and unfortunately entrepreneurs often overlook the authentic end users’ needs. Through research we assist in discovering gaps in the market, and advise on aligning your ideas with real user expectations in order to cut down on unnecessary concepts that are weighing your idea down.


A Spec Document is invaluable as it not only ensures that we are all on the same boat, but provides our User Experience designers with a formal structure to ensure that no fundamental characteristics of the concept are missed! Understanding the intricacies of an idea allows our designers to draw on their knowledge of user behaviors and expectations to best craft an intuitive and functional experience.


From the skeleton of the specification document our UX designers layout a wireframe of the applications functionalities and flow, ensuring that the right information is communicated in the right way, in the right place, and at the right time.

This not only allows clear communication between our clients and team members, but allows for any unforeseen surprises to arise earlier in the design process where they can quickly be overcome, rather than resulting in a costly development mistake further into the project.

That being said, we love surprises! And are always open to any findings that may help us improve your ideas!


Today’s marketplace demands that an application not only offer superior functionality, but do so with a unique visual appeal. Our UI designers aim to create an engaging experience for your users, delivering your concepts to their fingers in a way that intrigues whilst blending seamlessly into their everyday lives.


At its core, a brand is more than just an icon, a colour and a name…your brand is you. It carries your reputation, encourages expectations and conveys a promise to your customers.

At FULLYalive we craft your brand to represent everything that you are, connect with your audience through carefully curated colour palettes, iconography and design devices. Because after all we want you to look good!

Our designers collaborate to provide an extensive range of design disciplines including;

  • Corporate identity design – including, logo design, business cards, letterheads, email signatures, etc
  • Book layout and design – independent magazines, company profiles and publication design
  • Event stationery design – invitations, menus, gift packaging

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