The Brief


Q-Dash is a Taiwan-based startup that aims to revolutionize the restaurant industry. Currently in the first phase of development, FULLYalive was asked to collaborate in designing and developing an intuitive mobile app that will replace all paper based booking and queuing systems used in restaurants.

The Approach


Asking an industry to replace a tried and test system is a tricky task, and our team understood that we would have to create a superior alternative for established businesses to consider. We reached out to veterans of the dinning industry to best understand the scope of their needs, and the usage scenarios and complications that users of the app might encounter.

In order for our design to truly have a leg up on the faithful reservation book, we decided that it would need to use past customer behavior to advise booking capacities and waiting times in ques during peak dinning times. Additionally the software would automatically create customer profiles, recording their seating preferences and dining times for quickened reservations in the future.

Phase one of the application is currently undergoing real world testing and we are excited to be part of Q-Dash development of their new feature set.


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