The Brief


QMECH Consulting Engineers contacted us to assist in a complete rebrand of their current visual identity. Their directions were simple; they required a new look that embodied the quality and integrity that their company is built on. The rebrand was to include a new logo and visual treatment that would be applied to new business cards for all employees, an updated letterhead, email signatures, signage and a basic brand guide. Lastly, the new visual direction would be used to create a new company website.

The Approach


QMECH’s specialization in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems inspired our direction for their new logo and colour palette. The adaptation of the downward arrow in the Q playing to their skill in reducing temperatures as well as the cost saving that their technology can provide. We chose to employ the arrow device throughout their visual branding, incorporating the element subtly into everything from email signatures to business cards to create a unified visual identity. Our chosen cool and monochromatic colour palette later lead to a striking website design, with minimalistic architectural photography complimenting the modernist industrial aesthetic.


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