The Brief


Transnet’s volunteer program benefits charities and communities throughout the country, however with such a wide base of operations they realized the potential that an app may have to unite their volunteers and better facilitate successful meetings and projects.

The Approach


After meetings and discussions with project managers we drew together a detail spec sheet of key features that would allow the app to empower the crowdsourced volunteer program. The design studio at FULLalive quickly jumped into wireframing a user experience so the client could visualize how the app would flow, and to make sure that no features were accidently overlooked in the initial phase. After approval of the wireframe layouts our designers started fleshing out the interface design, paying close attention to iconography design to ensure that the interface would be clearly and easily understood. Once completed, jpeg screens and a flow diagram were delivered to the client so that they could properly pitch the app concept to the Transnet board in order to secure funding for this powerful crowdsourcing volunteer tool.

Currently still in conceptualisation, the App will simplify volunteers’ lives when being involved with community projects held by Transnet and create a seamless process for the program managers to ensure all volunteers are catered for.


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