Wixel meticulously creates bespoke software solutions for some of the world's brightest business people. From websites to mobile apps, hardware integrations and crafts entirely new software-based products and services, the team at Wixel continues to impress.

Market Research, Design, UI Design, UX, Branding, Brand Development ,Motion Graphics.

“You don’t think your way to creative work. You work your way to creative thinking.”

— George Nelson, American industrial designer and one of the founders of American Modernism.

Finding the right logo.

Wixel approached us with a problem we were all too familiar with; trying to formulate a visual identity and develop your own brand whilst you are all too tied up in creating amazing work for your own clients.

They had recently commissioned an illustrator to create a series of designs that they had incorporated into their company profile, but felt that their website and logo could benefit from a fresh set of eyes for it to better reflect their core values and strengths.

While the team felt that their old logo embodied their philosophy of honest, hard work to create products of uncompromised quality for their clients, it was decided that the design felt too far removed from the software development industry.

We set out to re-imagine the Wixel icon, incorporating the iconic W shape from the original, but with a playful twist to visualise the pixels which ultimately make the building blocks from which they create their products.


Bringing personality to pixels.

Building off the brand’s awesome illustration library, we created a fresh set of icons and graphics that helped illustrate Wixel’s company culture and recent accomplishments. The bold, yet quirky style established by the new logo and characters allowed us to maintain a consistent look and feel across branded documents, but more importantly brought a much needed human side to a digital development company’s identity.

From napkin sketch to commercial products. A sensible approach designed to make the most of capital investments. We have designed, a tried and tested strategy, that will roadmap your idea for you so you don't experience any unforeseen issues along the process.


Real world problems, incredible solutions.

Pretty mock ups and glossy screenshots will always look great, but what really convinces future clients to hire you is your experience and problem solving ability.

For the new Wixel website we created a set of design templates to assist them in showcasing their past projects, walking visitors through the approach they took, and how they found the best solution to bring success to their clients’ ideas.


Injecting life into pixels.

Meeting online can still be a sterile experience. So we endeavoured to bring the Wixel website to life, incorporating subtle, yet intriguing animations using their illustration style.

Rolling-out their updated look and feel, and illustrations throughout their website created a unified brand identity and allowed some of the Wixel team personality to shine through to their viewers.


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