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FULLYalive is a collaboration between designers and coders, pulled together by a common desire; to craft beautiful intuitive designs and experiences. Directed by Chief Creative Officer, Jaco Bruwer, our team adopts your ideas, passionately refining them until they’re ready to launch into the world.

5:28 I’m woken up by a familiar meow of our hungriest cat, Fudge. I look at my phone and, just as I thought, right on time. The cold winter morning makes it difficult to get out of bed, but the meow is becoming more persistent.

5:50 Today we don’t feel like any of our audiobooks, so I browse TED talks for an inspirational presentation. Inspired, I journal a bit and plan the day ahead by updating tasks on my Notes app.

8:25 I walk to my office (down the hall) loving the fact that I never have to sit in traffic to get to work. First up, checking in on all the projects we’re busy with. I Skype with Damian, Jessica and Stephan.

9:35 Everything is under control and I scan through my emails, updating my to-do’s.

9:57 While working on the requirements and costing of a new project, I think about how exciting my job is. Constantly learning about and providing solutions for different industries.

14:05 After answering email, Skyping some more and following up on new quotations, it’s lunch time. Already? The day is flying by.

17:01 We have to leave for Pilates, but I just quickly have to finish something I’m working on. I never look forward to Pilates, but afterwards I’m always glad I went. So I get up and quickly get ready.

19:00 After supper, I help Lindie with some house chores.

20:30 Tonight we don’t have to work late, so I pour myself a whiskey and Lindie some port. We watch a series and spend some time talking.

5:30 What day is it? Think, think, think… That’s normally my first thought to determine if I have to get up immediately or if I can snooze a bit. Jaco opens the bedroom door and Fudge (one of our two cats) storms into the room to say good morning.

5:35 Today I have to get up immediately so I sleep walk to the kitchen to make Jaco’s morning coffee. Who new I’d get this coffee making job, since I don’t even drink coffee at all. But apparently my coffee is better than his.

5:50 The morning is always too short to fit in everything. We like having an early morning investment time (reading, listening to audiobooks and journaling). I also like to exercise on my trainer.

9:30 I join Jaco in the office after having sorted out some house chores I wanted to get done. I open my master to-do list and update it with some extra tasks. I write down what I’ll focus on today. I hate emails, so that is done last (if it makes the list at all)

9:45 I open Wave (our financial program) and allocate the last payments, reconciling it with my array of Excel spreadsheets. I love being organised.

12:00 I’m on a roll, motivated to cross off everything on my list. Glancing over to Jaco, I just realise how blessed I am to work next to my husband.

14:00 By the time I realise that we have to eat again, I am too hungry. So I just make us a quick snack. We’ll eat something decent tonight.

15:00 If my office work is done, I shift my focus to other things I like to do. That will be anything where I can be creative or organise something. Oh, it’s a friend’s birthday, so I can wrap a gift.

16:00 Being a very sentimental person, I spend some time organising all our iPhone photos to make a folder of the ones I can print for our Memories album.

17:30 Tonight is Pilates again. An hour of stretching, working out and laughing.

19:00 I have to eat NOW! Luckily I have planned ahead and the food is ready to be enjoyed.

20:00 After cleaning up, I make sure everything is ready for tomorrow.

6.45 A gentle wake-up from my alarm aka my husband Ross. Never going to buy an alarm clock. I can hear this American Life playing in the kitchen which lets me know he is busy getting things sorted while I sleep in.

7.10 Ross walks into the bedroom with two fur balls and a cup of filter coffee. I sit and cuddle with Stanley (one of our kittens) while I sip at my very hot coffee. Ross and I chat about our plan of action for the day.

7.35 Shower time and a bit of cleaning before I hit the emails received over night from a Sydney freelance job.

8.10 Find myself seated in my shared studio (with my husband), Sohn is on full blast on my mac getting me ready to relook the website design I was developing the previous day.

10.00 Ross pulls me out of my work to offer me a cup of tea, I record my time and take a break to catch up with him about his progress and to chat about our social media presence of our photography business.

12.00 Lunch from a local little deli down the road Vovo Telo before a meeting with a new potential client. Need to get all the details from Ross before meeting with them.

13.00 I see the couple entering and our meeting begins.

14.30 Have a chuckle with Ross about how meetings always take longer than planned. My phone screams at me as Jaco Bruwer is looking for me over Skype, messenger and whatsapp. I rush home.

15.00 Have a Skype meeting with Jaco about our progress and new jobs. We schedule some brainstorming sessions and create a few estimates.

16.20 Back to finishing that website.

19.00 Ross and I jump up as we had no idea it was that time already. We finish with a weekly review. I clean my workspace and clear out my inbox.

19.30 We settle in with a glass of wine, and prep dinner

20.20 Moss has now made home on my lap after Ross and I ate a delicious vegetarian pasta. We put the last episode of Vikings on whilst Ross edits the remaining honeymoon images from our adventures in Spain.

06:30 Wake up and head to the kitchen. The calming voice of Ira Glass gets me through the morning dishes and the archives of ThisAmericanLife help keep my mind full of interesting thoughts

07:00 Brew a fresh pot of coffee and try lure Jess out of slumberland so we can chat about the day’s plans

07:45 Make sure there are no pressing emails before jumping back into the studio to pick up on my latest edits

09:30 Mid morning break to brew a new pot of coffee. Marie biscuits definitely not optional!

12:00 Catch up on emails and other admin before eating some left over butternut pasta (yum!)

13:00 Back into the swing of things I start finalising my selections to deliver to the client.

15:30 After some last tweaks I upload the gallery and send the link off to the client. It’s great having some time at the end of the day to finish up editing the images from our travels in Spain. Can’t wait to travel back to Girona one day!

17:30 Flop onto the couch and try figure out what we’re going to eat tonight. My money is on picanha steak and oven roasted veggies.

19:00 Nachos it is! But I can never complain about a healthy dose of cream cheese and guacamole to help us get through the latest episode of Suits.

6:00 Sometimes I wake up to the honking sound of ships in the harbour before my alarm goes off, so I catch up on some social media, Instagram, twitter, and then Facebook if I have time.

6:30 Time to freshen up & put on the morning news, more importantly for the weather so I can plan my outfit for the day while preparing breakfast, lunch and doing a bit of house cleaning.

07:15 Take a walk with my fiancé, Asa, to our shared office space a short distance from our apartment. The national flag is up at Donkin Reserve and it invigorates a sense of pride, the creative quarters are starting up and the environment is motivating.

07:45 Time for the morning traffic meeting with the team.

8:00 Usually done with the meeting now and I schedule my tasks for the day while going through emails and setting up a creatively inspiring work environment (put some music on).

8:30 Get focused on the jobs eagerly awaiting me.

10:30 Mind starts wondering so I get up to brew some coffee and distract Asa for some feed back on wherever project I’m working on.

10:45 Work, work, work, work, work… (Rihanna vibes)

13:00 We usually take lunch and this time as friends who are in the area decide to visit conveniently, we catch up.

14:00 Back to work, more motivated than ever.

15:00 Catch up on some social media to have a look at what the world and some creatives have been up to.

17:30 Startled by the fact that the day has already ended, and contemplate working late vs going home to catch up on an episode of GOT.

18:00 GOT it is.

19:00 Nom nom nom…

21:30 My iPhone reminds me that it’s almost time for bed, I switch it off and only go to bed at around 10.

6:15 I wake up and head to the kitchen to make coffee - my new found friend and fuel for the day.

6:30 While enjoying my morning coffee I catch up on the latest news, check social media and reply to urgent emails.

07:00 Go for a brisk morning walk and think about what I plan to tackle for the day.

8:15 At my desk, I put some music on, reply to emails, and focus on tasks that demand my attention.

11:15 Have a planning meeting with Jaco about an exciting new project that I am preparing to start.

14:45 Is that the time already! I head to the kitchen to quickly grab a snack and get back to our latest website project doing some final edits.

17:35 Decide to call it a day and get started with dinner.

19:10 I clean up around the house, get things prepped for tomorrow and relax watching some How To Get Away With Murder.

22:45 Time to call it a day. As I reflect on the events of the day, I think just how blessed I am to be doing what I love.



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Bring us your biggest, most difficult problems. We will have sleepless nights, tossing to find that “AAAH” moment for you. Only then would we begin to develop ideas and apply our craftsmanship. Read more about our approach to each and every job.

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The degree to which your designs and products impact people determines their ultimate success. We are opinionated partners who aren’t afraid to challenge your ideas to turn them into the most impactful end product.

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