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Our Appraoch

What is the point?

Companies that are bold enough to believe that they can make a difference, go further, and find something new. Those who know they may need a little help moving forward, finding their potential or visualising their purpose; these are the companies we want to help become FULLYalive. It won’t be easy. It will take time, effort, and our best thinking. But we are tried, tested, and up for any challenge.

NO. 1

Hi Penny(for your thoughts).

Bring us your biggest, most difficult problems. We will have sleepless nights, tossing to find that “AAAH” moment for you. We will think about the what if’s and why not’s so you will know that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of the perfect product.

NO. 2

You won’t walk alone.

UX is not a one man show. It’s not linear, so it won’t be solved in a day. It’s a curiosity filled, step-by-step journey that we want you to be a part of. We are going to make sure we dive in head first with you to help discover your idea’s potential. We’ll pay attention to the little details, poke and prod at every uncertainty, and we may even ask far too many questions. Trust us, we know what we are doing.

NO. 3

Collaboration is key.

We are a small group of humble professionals who are always ready to learn. When you work with FULLYalive you will get our best UX specialists, UI designers, animator and illustrators. We give it our all! And when we are done, we partner with some pretty awesome developers to ensure your end product is of the highest standard.

We come together for your idea!

NO. 4

Relook and inspect.

How’s it going? We want your product to be polished, so we ask the scary questions that many may avoid. If there are any hiccups along the way, which there may well be, we will see to them so that you may rest assured knowing that our team of experts is here to fight for you and your grand ideas.

NO. 5

The proof is in the pudding.

You know that feeling when you get that great idea, that breakthrough? Well that same excitement and satisfaction will be our final goal. We live for that feeling, and we want you to as well. Your end product will be something that you and your customers will love and we will continue working hard to ensure that.

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