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Capacit is a powerful blockchain based talent sourcing platform where vendors meet clients. FULLYalive was approached to help conceptualise the product as well as designing the user experience and visual user interfaces.

User Experience, UI Design, Animation.

Web Application



Identity Match.

Since Capaciti’s identity has already been established, we had to create an icon set that matches the brand.

Socrates said, “Know thyself.” I say, “Know thy users.”

— Joshua Brewer

The Approach

Blockchain Lingo.

2018 was definitely the year of Blockchain Research and Development. Initially, most of the concepts just went straight over our heads, but after working on so many blockchain based projects, we started catching on.

Capacit leverages Blockchain technology to create contractual agreements between vendors and clients whilst gamification keeps it interesting and engaging.

Project Team

Project Team

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