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Core Values

What we stand for

NO. 1

Human-centred design.

The degree to which your designs and products impact people determines their ultimate success. Without making an influence in a user’s life, our designs might as well be just another object, in a box, on a shelf, collecting dust. For this reason all our designs are human centered, focused on what, why and how they can improve your customers’ lives.

NO. 2

Innovative design.

Great technology is often overlooked because of weak design. With the constant need to stay relevant in the digital space, we are always learning, researching, and forever playing around with new ways of designing and seamlessly integrating new technologies. However at our core we believe that technology is merely a vehicle, and design is the driving force behind creating meaningful change.

NO. 3

Creating with purpose.

As individuals we all crave purpose. When we partner with you it’s because we’ve seen potential in your ideas, and we want to make sure they succeed. Or else, what’s the point. We won’t bother designing if we don’t believe in an idea’s potential to create change.

NO. 4

We are forever learning.

Mistakes are necessary, how else would we know what not to do? When it comes to user experience (UX) design, what might work for one product, won’t likely work for the next. We’d rather bump our heads and start over, than settle for good enough. Each mistake is a lesson, and if we allow ourselves to not always be right on the first try, we’re sure that in the end your product will be better for it.

NO. 5

Culture over all else.

Our success is only possible due to our professional team. Don’t be fooled, we may be small, but you can have the peace of mind that you won’t ever get our “B-team”. We only have our best. Central to our culture is the belief that if you don’t love what you do, or the environment in which you do it, you aren’t FULLY alive. This shared philosophy joins us together across any distance, and motivates us to work and grow together.

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