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Enobel is powerful recruitment platform that empowers employers to easily navigate through online applications in order to find best prospective hires. FULLYalive was approached to design the brand’s identity and develop an intuitive user experience for a rather intricate system.

Brand Identity, UI Design, UX

Digital Concept Design


The Challenge

To be both professional and approachable.

It was important for the brand to reflect the level of professionalism at which the platform operates, while still being inviting so as to not intimidate applicants. We opted for a clean design, using selective splashes of vibrant colour to draw users through the interface without becoming a distraction.

The Approach

Streamlining processes.

The paperwork and bureaucracy associated with finding new hires can be daunting and difficult to manage, no matter the size of your company. Enobel introduces an efficient way of processing job vacancies and applications by automating systems that filter, profile and rank prospective employees displaying only the most qualified applicants while providing you with all the necessary information you may need at a glance.


Streamline input and outputs from both ends.

Powerful platforms are only as useful as their users allow them to be. When we prototyped the user experience for the Enobel platform we realised that to truly stand out in the crowded market of me-too job listing sites we needed to provide a toolset that would truly make the hiring process better for both recruiters and potential hires.

By designing a powerful, yet intuitive set of tools for that allowed recruiters to make sure they only found the most

suitable candidate we knew could save hundreds of HR hours. However for the functionality to succeed the system had to be transparent so that applicants understand that it was truly in their best interest to be as open and honest as possible and not withhold any information that might jump them to the top of the interview pile.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”


— Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple

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