Intelingo is an innovative online, multilingual assessment tool, designed with EAL students in mind. Through testing and assessment Intelingo determines learners’ levels of proficiency in English as Additional Language as well as their mother tongue.

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Written tests, taken into prototype.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) students in the United Kingdom are at a distinct disadvantage to their peers, and sadly the education department doesn’t have a robust system in place to easily identify the needs of individual learners. Intelingo is the brainchild of a UK couple who realized the potential that a simple

assessment tool could have in improving the education of millions of learners. Developed initially as written tests, our task was to take their successful manual prototype and create an intuitive digital interface that would allow for quick and easy assessment for students as well as instant, insightful data for educators.

Intelingo Learning software
Intelingo Learning software
Intelingo Learning software
Intelingo Learning software
Intelingo Learning software
Intelingo Learning software

“The Daily Telegraph (23.03.12) calculated that there are 1,363 primary schools, 224 secondary schools and 51 special schools where more than half the pupils are learning English as an additional language.”


From SA to UK.

With EAL learners comprising nearly 10% of all students across the UK, Intelingo felt the need to quickly raise awareness of the benefits that their software solution could have to improve the lives of millions. While our team discussed the possibility of traveling to the United Kingdom to film a short cinematic promotional video, it

was decided that the most effective use of the client’s budget would be to produce a motion graphics promo that would highlight the growing issue faced by learners, and cleverly illustrate the potential that Intelingo has to identify students’ needs and place them into the best programs to ensure their academic success.


Simple goal, challenging game changers.

While ultimately the results from students’ tests would be the most valuable outcome from this project, we understood that it would be fundamental that we designed an interface that could appeal to a broad range of student ages from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Our team created a colour palette that would appeal to both young and old learners, and set out to re-interpret the prototype tests into a range of exercises that might feel engaging to students. Care was taken to create a relaxed, unpressured

environment so that students might answer to the best of their ability. A cool blue background created a sense of calm, and warmer tones and red accents drew attention to important information and contextual navigation buttons. Through real world prototyping and revisions we were able to ensure that learners felt a desire to participate in the assessments, and could easily navigate through the tests with minimal assistance from educators.

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