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LEAD Financial Strategists are a team of Professional Accountants, Tax Practitioners and Certified Financial Planners that seek, first and foremost, to understand you. Thinking like investors whilst staying grounded, LEAD looks for opportunities to add and preserve value for their clients.

Motion Graphics, Animation, Storyboarding, Script Writting and Illustration.

Marketing Animation


Financial Strategists

The Challenge

One size doesn’t fit all.

After discussions with the LEAD team we gained an understanding of their ironic problem; being too awesome at too many things. They often lost out on potential clients as no one fully understood the power of their holistic approach and how their team of professionals could combine their different skill sets and experience to find the best way forward. No matter who the client was, or what their problem may be.

The Approach

Friendly and approachable.

Being a one stop shop for business advice, professional accounting, estate planning, and solving (the nightmare of) tax compliance doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. Working with a talented copywriter we crafted an charming narrative that could illustrate the various benefits the team at LEAD could bring to any business.

Turning to our talented motion graphics designer we storyboarded the narrative, making sure we were sensitive to the client’s budget and vision for their brand. The resulting animation is the result of many hours of work in order to tell the LEAD story in just 60 seconds.

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose”

— Charles Earnes , Product designer of the award winning Eames chairs

Project Team

Concept and Copywriting: The Write Way

Communications Voice Over and Audio Production: WolfTone Productions

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