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LIMITER is a revolutionary motor management system that optimises energy consumption and extends the lifespan of electric induction motors. In real-world installations, their technology has reduced electricity consumption by 15% in industrial environments.

UX Design, UI Design, Application Design, Product Development, Motion Graphics, Animation, Presentation.

Mobile and web application


“ LIMITER is to motors what LEDs were to the light bulb. Except electric motors account for more than double the global electricity consumption of lighting.”


— CEO of Limiter

The Challenge

Data is invaluable.

Limiter has the data to back up its claims. With concrete proof on their side it was our job to help them present the good news to the world.

Tough times

Easy sell.

Disrupting industrial practices worldwide is no small challenge, but one has to start somewhere. The team at Limiter has such a belief in the power their product has to reduce energy usage and emissions that they were willing to install it free of charge for whoever would listen, charging only a percentage of the savings that their device brought to the client.

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose”


— Charles Earnes , Product designer of the award winning Eames chairs


Get the message out.

While their mobile app interface was still in development the minds behind Limiter realised that it was time to bring the good news to the world.

It was up to the designers at FULLYalive to craft a presentation that could function both in print and digital formats, illustrating the clear benefits of the limiter

system to a wide variety of audiences that ranged from CEOs to floor managers of world class industries. Combined with a motion graphics walkthrough that showcased the mobile application’s potential, our presentation material is out in the wild helping our homegrown entrepreneurs change the world

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