Liqui Moly is a German company specialising in oils, lubricants and additives. Their South African branch set out to create an app that would expand its base of enthusiastic users by providing a central location of knowledge and training with Liqui Moly products, while simultaneously rewarding the motivated sales staff who help grow the brand.

User Experience, UI Design , Application Design, iOS Application, Android Mobile Application.


Liqui Moly

"Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in."

— William Warren Bradley, American politician

Starting with the UX.

Our goal was to create a single unified app experience that could cater to the needs of three distinct user types; the enthusiast buyer, the workshop owner and sales staff. While there was overlap of functionality between all three users' stories and features, through iterative design and refinement of the user journey sketches, we were able to find cohesive design directions that would compliment the needs of each user, whilst reducing the load on the development team.


Clean and to the point.


Everyone loves a deal.

Users can customise their preferences in the app, and receive promotions, stories and training that interests them most. Push notification integration means that the sales staff and workshop owners will always stay up to date on the latest products and have recommendations for recently released vehicles.


Getting enthusiasts up to speed.

A fun, yet concise on-boarding process quickly gets new users up to speed with the app's main features and where to find them! A QR and barcode scanner is available through the app navigation, allowing users to quickly find detailed information on any Liqui Moly product. While the comprehensive My Garage feature helps users find the Liqui Moly products best suited for their specific vehicles. Lastly, all users can earn points via the app, and use them to redeem exciting rewards!


Navigation kept clean.

With great knowledge comes great responsibility! Having the full suite of Liqui Moly products and advice at your fingertips is awesome, but we wanted to ensure that users could always find their way back home if they got lost down the rabbit hole. With a consistent navigation bar and a set of clean icons, users will never have to wonder where to go.


One app, many users.

There are 3 main users; An Enthusist, someone who loves their boat, bike, motobike, car or aeroplane; Workshops who work on any of the named vehicles, and then finally, the Liqui Moly sales team. With each user type there is a custom application suited to their needs. While

users and a workshops may have a garage with specific vehicles a sales person has access to a open ended oil guide and gain rewards for each sale made which they can spend on awesome prizes and cash rewards.

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