Norma Jean's is a local nails and beauty boutique based in the Western Suburbs. Specialising in the finer details, Norma appeals to the more artisanal nail based clientele.

Brand Identity, Illustration, Corporate Identity

Norma Jean's


Taking the old into a new,
modern space.

Norma Jean's is a team of qualified nail technicians and beauty therapists who were looking to revive their brand. Although not as universally recognisable as her screen name, Norma Jean embodies a host of glamorous qualities that patrons associate with the iconic Marilyn. The challenge then became finding the balance between the iconic Monroe characteristics and re-invent the visuals for modern clientele.

Norma or Marilyn?

Maintaining the distinguished resemblance of a world icon, we took a contemporary approach with references to Norma Jean and the 50s era. A clean, line-style illustration allowed us to turn Marilyn’s curls into graphical brush strokes, and through the use of pastel colours invoke the beauty products used in salon. In a playful nod to 50s graphical styles, we incorporated lines and dots as textural elements within the curls. The new brand elements were incorporate into fresh Business Cards, Store Signage and Interior Design elements to give the salon a striking visual presence in the local industry.


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