The South African Football Association (SAFA) decided it was time to retire their outdated online presence and approached FULLYalive to create a streamlined and contemporary experience for their fans. Our design team went back to the drawing board, creating a modern aesthetic for the association that would appeal to modern fans, whilst paying careful attention to maintain a unified look and feel across their various social media channels and posts.

Website Design, Social Media Content

A fresh start for local football.

As brands grow, it’s easy for their websites to become a museum of technological trends over the past decade. We were excited to be able to start afresh, and create a clean, modern design from the ground up. Simplifying their colour palette and utilising typography to create hierarchy allowed us to bring SAFA’s identity up to date.

SAFA website revamp

Adopting a more minimalistic approach.

SAFAs outgoing website was notoriously cluttered and overloaded with information, making it difficult for new users to navigate. We opted to cut down on the clutter, removing unnecessary distractions and using type and the brand’s spot colour to highlight important information.

SAFA revamp
SAFA website preview

Organising the flow of information

Inevitably there will always be information too vital to be cut. In order to create a familiar sense of flow for users we utilised a traditional top to bottom, left to right progression to guide viewers, allowing type hierarchy and spot colour to define sections.


All on board.

In any large organisation, the decision to re-vamp a website does not weigh on one person alone. For this reason we created a design proposal to win over all decision makers by explaining our design choices and how the site would function.

safa revamp
safa revamp
safa revamp
“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.”

— Lindon Leader

Speaking the brand.

From the onset we understood that any design changes we made to the SAFA website would need to be applied across the rest of their online channels. Once the new web design was launched, we started implementing their new look and feel on their social media pages, going as far as designing some eye catching social media templates to create a cohesive brand experience.

SAFA website revamp
SAFA twitter brand

Goal shouter.

To streamline channel admin we designed a series of twitter templates that could be automatically generated and tweeted showcasing scores and match results in real time.

Facebook, Twitter and website posts

SAFA competition banners.

Soon after the website’s relaunch, SAFA held a competition where fans could win a signed Bafana Bafana jersey and R500 airtime by SMSing their final score prediction. To promote the competition we designed a series of banners that incorporated the updated brand aesthetic and were used across multiple social media and website platforms.

SAFA facebook brand

SAFA maps.

As part of the SAFA relaunch we were asked to consult on the design of a new web app that would allow users to locate schools and organisations affiliated with SAFA and mySAFA members. Staying in line with the experiences and interface elements we implemented in the website we presented an app interface that was easy to navigate and felt at home with SAFA’s updated look and feel.

SAFA website revamp
“Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.”

— Paul Rand

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