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The need to experiment is a constant itch for us at FULLYalive. We constantly see opportunities, and when we have a moment we set out to create products that will fill those missing links. This was the case with the USN sales performance app.

Market Research, Design, UI Design, UX, Application Design, Product Development, Motion Graphics

Digital Concept Product

USN Performance

Tracking Application

The Challenge

What is the point?

In any sales department there is a constant need to incentivise. Bonuses, rewards, and recognition aren’t bad places to start, but even a generous rewards system can feel uninspired and monotonous after time. With this pitfall in mind we challenged ourselves to create an app that not only inspired and rewarded a hard working sales team, but generated insightful data that could inform top level business decisions.

The Approach

Simple goal, challenging game changers.

Our goal was a simple – create a competitive, game-like format that would be engaging and motivating for any sales team.

Through consulting and feedback from sales industry veterans we took our understanding of sales based corporate environments and conceptualised an experience that appealed to the popularity of “fantasy football’ style betting. By allowing employees to easily set

and track their sales goals, and monitor their performance via local and company wide leaderboards, we believe our app can foster a healthy competitive spirit within a company, driving employees to push for their top performance and rewarding those that achieve the greatest results. Via a separate dashboard application, managers would be able to gain insights into their employees’ performances and goals, and assist them in making more accurate forecasts in the future.

“The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, sympathize, empathize, synthesize and glean insights that enable him or her to ‘make the invisible visible.”


— Hillman Curtis, Principal and Chief Creative Officer of


Keeping it local

Internal communication

and data analysis.

USN Challenger serves as a handy forecasting tool. Real time sales data is available to compare with, and alter forecasts as needed. Whilst the integrated direct messaging platform allows managers to send up to date documentation and motivate their sale teams all through a single app.


Using motion to evoke


In order to get our concept Performance Tracking App in front of the right eyes we created a motion graphics animation that highlighted the features and benefits that such a concept could have on the productivity and management of any sales force.

Project Team

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