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YDIY is a handy web app that connects trustworthy tradesman and women in need of work with busy homeowners who are looking for reliable workers to carry out projects and maintenance in and around the home or office.

Brand Identity, UX Web Design, UI Design, Application Design

Web Application


Why do it Yourself

The Challenge

Designing from Head-to-Toe.

Time is our most valuable asset. With YDIY our client envisioned an app that would save homeowners precious time, while finding work to fill the time of trustworthy tradepeople. Our job was to design an intuitive, trustworthy experience that would guide the homeowner to finding the best man or woman for the job, whilst giving potential contractors their best chance to connect with their future boss.


The Logo

Although the name played on the well known acronym, it was important that the logo be read correctly so there would never be any confusion as the solution the app offered. We knew that we wanted a bold, yet minimalistic design that could be applied over photographic assets, and after some experimentation we found a design that fit the bill yet was still was universally understood.

UX Planning

Wiring a new way of thinking.

We wanted to create a user interface that was inviting and relatable to both homeowners and service providers from all walks of life, allowing them to connect, all the while promoting transparency. Strong consideration had to be given to create protections for service providers from users who might misuse them, as well as clear guidelines to ensure that homeowners using the service were always hiring adequately sk illed and trained tradespeople.

One simple solution to promote trust and transparency was the integration of personal profiles and ratings for both user types, allowing each side to best understand who they were dealing with so they could conduct their business with confidence..

“Design is more important than technology in most consumer applications.”

— Dave McClure, Founder of 500 Startups

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